Marketing Solutions

Frantz Group recognizes that marketing services are not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and that conducting individual services to create a proper solution can be as much an art as a science.

Our Assessment and Recommendation process lays the foundation for sound strategy and execution, and includes assessing the size of your organization, the complexity of your target market(s), brand awareness, market saturation, and effective use of your channel.

Our methodologies and recommendations change based on the results of the assessments. While a Fortune 50 organization, a tech company in its first year of operation, and a long time tech company looking to expand from a smaller niche will all look to perform similar tactics in their marketing efforts, the context around those tactics, support steps, data refinement, enhanced targetting and research will all vary between clients.

We have experience working with customers at all stages of their own marketing lifecycle, and have proven successful with each group. Frantz Group has the experience and know-how to work effectively with SMB organizations, while retaining the discipline and structure necessary to work with some of the largest organizations in the world. The constants in these situations are intellect and agility, creating success for our customers of all shapes and sizes, is our primary motivation.