Sales & Marketing Needs in 2020 – The Frustrated CEO

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From our experience, we find roughly 25% of CEO’s-Top Executives are generally pleased with the performance of Marketing and Sales results within their companies. As a group we find these CEO’s are typically the ones who’s demands/responsibilities allow them the time to be very involved in these areas.   They have had education, have worked in [...]

Senior Living Technology Sales & Marketing – Orchestrating Success

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Orchestrating Sales and Marketing to Promote Technology to The Senior Living Market  Over the past four years, Frantz Group has developed a strong and successful practice working with technology firms who service the Senior Living, Post-Acute Care sector.  We see boomer populations reaching age 65, the senior population is projected to reach 83.7 million – almost double the estimated [...]

Developing technology solution content that fits the buying cycle

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To have an effective mix of content for your buying cycle, it is important to understand the mix of objectives required in securing a sale.  Potential buyers of technology solutions need to be able to visualize a technology solution running successfully in their specific environment before they will consider a purchase. There are a [...]

Leverage the Theory of Constraints to Improve Sales Pipeline

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How You Can Leverage The Theory of Constraints To Improve The Health of Your Pipeline and Your Peace of Mind The lives of today’s top business leaders, are laced with the exhilaration of significant opportunity, tethered to significant and broad responsibility and risk. There’s nothing new in that reality I suppose… even back in the [...]

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