Grow Your Close Rate Via BVS Says Gartner

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ou may have noticed The Frantz Group is posting a series of articles on the topic of Business Value Based Selling. We are literally walking you through the puzzle pieces of how to perform the base process. We are on this topic because it is the most reliable way we know to improve the sales [...]

A Knockout Solution for Growth

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Recently I have noticed my customers and prospects seem to fall into one of two categories. Those that are out performing their competition, growing revenue and feeling pretty secure. And, those that see their revenue growth as flattening… or in risk of flattening due to market changes or escalating competitive forces they see on the horizon. [...]

Business Value Selling, One Piece Of The Puzzle At A Time: Step One

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In our previous LinkedIn articles, we have shared the compelling revenue driving benefits and complete process of Business Value Selling. Going forward, our intent is to address each step for you, with the goal of educating our readers on what purpose each step has, how it is performed and how the puzzle pieces fit together. [...]

Why Business Value Selling (BVS) is Necessary Now

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Selling always has challenges, the change is how this generation of prospects are reacting to the economic headwinds and engaging new buying patterns. A 2021 Gartner survey of 989 companies gives insight of what prospects viewed as the “most valuable types of information in making the final decision”: ·       1st value assessments or business case development-related [...]

Completion of the Business Value Selling Process Overview

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With this article, we complete the initial Business Value Selling Process overview. Our purpose was to provide you with context, so that we can begin to examine and improve your unique situation and grow your close rate. Beyond this process review, we will continue to dig in to Value Selling concepts and how we apply [...]

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