With this article, we complete the initial Business Value Selling Process overview.

Our purpose was to provide you with context, so that we can begin to examine and improve your unique situation and grow your close rate.

Beyond this process review, we will continue to dig in to Value Selling concepts and how we apply them.

How do we get started with Business Value Selling (BVS)?

Steps 5, 6, 7, and 8 – BVS Workshops

In the last post we covered Step 4 in one post, we will continue clockwise to the next four steps (5,6,7,8) in the Business Value Selling (BVS) Process as seen in figure below.

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Step 5: Review with Executives

This review is a minimum of a 30 min meeting with the supporting executives of the company. The report reviews the participant surveys, The Frantz Group analysis of the BVS Workshop sessions, and compares these measurements to the initial executive goals. The report details what change management will be required to address any challenges uncovered in the workshop.

Step 6, 7, 8: Change Management Steps

Why does The Frantz Group spend repetitive steps and dedicated 1:1 time with the participants regarding Change Management? The common theme in all the business literature is that change takes a repetitive, measured, and mentored effort. The personalized follow up is critical to making the company’s investment in the personnel a success for the company and the individual.

Each Change Management step generates a review for the supporting executives. Timely executive feedback is the best way to ensure value and success are achieved.

Regular all attendee reviews are suggested to ensure a successful outcome. Meeting schedules will be adjusted to meet company needs.

 Why are all attendee meetings needed if there is 1:1 support from The Frantz Group being done?

Peer success stories and push help people adopt the new work skill. This is especially true in sales.

What happens after Step 8?

Monitor KPIs to understand how completely the original goals have been met.

Adapt as necessary to achieve the goals within a defined time frame.

Determine what impact is expected.

Next Steps

The Franz Group welcomes a deeper discussion on your sales challenges. We can help you visualize how The Frantz Group and Business Value Selling will help you make 2023 the best year ever.

To organize an initial discussion of your unique situation, contact The Frantz Group, message me on LinkedIn or via www.thefrantzgroup.com contact me form. I look forward to our discussion.