Frantz Group has been using, implementing, and reselling CRM to support marketing efforts since our inception in 1993. As the general solution set has evolved, so have the management techniques and analytic capabilities. Currently, we stand at the beginning of a new era in tracking and marketing automation capability, and our experience managing to marketing processes, data flow, and tracking capabilities across several types of marketing platforms, we are well positioned to help companies with everything from entry level software selection, all the way on to deep dive analytics and improvements for whatever solutions they may have already implemented.

Frantz Group is uniquely positioned to assist smaller organizations with getting into cost effective, marketing-centric solutions, providing a variety of skill sets that are difficult to have on staff. Our agility and solution depth also allow us to work with medium to large enterprises, where marketing departments may struggle with the timeframes and restrictions their IT groups provide. Our core CRM offering is web-based, and can either be hosted directly with Frantz Group for ease of data management and external system integration, or can be implemented on premise, with affordable, owned licenses minimizing the long term, ongoing cost to your organization.

Our emphasis is to utilize CRM to establish the boundaries for your core target markets, analyze and score your data, and grow your base of valid contacts to market to. We can extend coverage into Marketing Automation Software to improve both outbound and inbound effectiveness, integrating email, click to chat, search engine marketing, and behavioral scoring to help ensure your representatives are reaching out to the right contacts, with the right information, at the right time. Frantz Group believes that in B2B technology marketing, the human touch is an essential component to the sales process. We utilize web tracking and CRM to ensure your sales and marketing team have the right information to initiate and grow the initial relationship with your potential buyer, while taking steps with SEO services to introduce buyers to your offerings as early in their buying cycle as possible. By integrating with your ERP/Financial software, we can also easily tie in maintenance renewal data to the CRM solution, enabling nurture campaigns to help automate and speed up the contract renewal process, allowing your sales reps to spend more time focused on bringing in new business.

Whether it be our CRM Spotlight with the OnContact CRM solution or the Realware award for Best CRM Application, our expertise extends across the enterprise in designing and supporting CRM solutions that drive better marketing & sales results, and more importantly, better interactive experiences for your customers.