Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The cleanest, most complete data is of little utility unless it is actionable. That’s one of the key benefits of a CRM strategy and solution. It provides the infrastructure our customers need to manage their data. But a CRM solution is much more than just software selection. It’s a business strategy that helps companies build, understand and nurture relationships with new and existing customers. We provide guidance and support at every stage of our customers’ CRM projects. Our knowledge is distilled from years of sales and marketing experience, and includes CRM sales, implementation and training, CRM customization, enterprise software integration, data migration, sales and marketing database management, help desk / customer service customization. Our goal is simple – create functioning CRM solutions that improve revenue, operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. By synergizing inbound and outbound marketing efforts within CRM solutions and integrations, we are able to improve results in both areas.

Frantz Group has been consulting around and utilizing a variety of CRM packages since the early 1990’s. Our experience goes well beyond any one specific product, and includes techniques to ease initial adoption by sales users, as well as maintain their utilization of the software over time. Our experiences include managing to the flow and architecture of data between a CRM solution and a Marketing Automation package, which we’ve found to be an optimal method for integrating operations between Sales and Marketing functions.

Frantz Group is a licensed reseller of Workwise’s OnContact CRM solution. Engineered from the ground up as a web based CRM solution, OnContact CRM can be licensed and implemented directly within a customers’ infrastructure, hosted here in the Frantz Group data center, or provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Providing multiple methods to license users and access data allows customers to choose a method of delivery that gives them the best fit for their current environment, as well as allowing them to improve ROI on the solution in the long run, vs. the myriad of SaaS-only solutions currently in market.

If you’d like to sign up for a demo, obtain a price quote, or are an existing OnContact user, and are interested in getting assistance with configuring your CRM solution to better support your marketing and sales initiatives, please register using our form to the left. A short preview of the solution is available below: