Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation includes processes and technology that help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing. It combines a number of inbound and outbound tactics into a cohesive delivery and tracking solution. This solution space is still evolving, while most solutions encompass email delivery and web forms / landing pages, the finer points and features will vary considerably by provider. Nurture campaigns, behavioral scoring, and Send-Time-Optimization (STO) are all huge improvements over trying to send individual email blasts and then track activity across several different systems. Rules, notifications, reminder emails, and CRM Integration can all improve response time, to ensure the right rep is working with each prospect at the proper time in your engagement cycle.

Frantz Group has been working with a variety of Marketing Automation solutions over the past several years. Our experience combines the power of strong analytical tracking, data planning and management, and campaign best practices to ensure continual improvement in campaign results.

In many cases, marketers from organizations lacking this type of solution feel unable to develop the types of integrated campaign plans they would be most successful with. We’ve developed several cost effective ways to leverage the power of Marketing Automation, while being able to grow into the feature set and add sophistication to your plans over time. Frantz Group is also ready and willing to assist with the ongoing evolution of your marketing plan.

FG is ready and willing to provide consulting services around a variety of Marketing Automation platforms. If you’re not currently running a solution as a part of your marketing foundation, we’re also happy to assist you in getting started. Frantz Group is an agency partner with the SharpSpring marketing automation platform, and have great experience in bringing organizations into the world of great inbound marketing with this technology at our core. We have a variety of cost effective digital programs that can help your organization get started with marketing automation technology today.