On behalf of one of our largest and longest-term clients, Frantz Group is beyond proud to announce that, despite current economic conditions, we have met our client’s lead goal again, and consecutively, for 24 months, bringing the total number of leads generated during this period to almost 3000.

With roughly $1 billion in annual revenue, this client is a world leader in enterprise software solutions. They are headquartered in Europe, and provide services across nearly a dozen industries.

Over the last decade, Frantz Group has provided lead generation services and fully integrated marketing to our client. In this time, FG has not once missed our quarterly lead goal.

As of September 30th, Frantz Group is ahead-of-pace to meet the client’s annual lead goal for 2010. In the last 5 years, we’ve helped our client build its database from zero to what equals, at this writing, approximately one million contacts, across several hundred thousand enterprises.

Many factors have contributed to this success, including: Frantz Group’s 17 years of experience in manufacturing systems marketing, the huge commitment FG has to the education of our callers, and our ability to adapt rapidly to changing conditions due to the depth of our understanding of the manufacturing process from management, down. Continual assessment and innovation are hallmarks of Frantz Group’s approach, which now includes our Nurture 1 video, allowing us to create customized video highlighting our client’s unique value proposition.

Very notable in what continues to be an excellent relationship, is the strong commitment this client has to Frantz Group and to our mutual success. Over the years of our working together, this client has made an important and significant investment in Frantz Group by providing us with consistent work throughout the entire period. With this client, Frantz Group is included in upstream strategy and planning which enables us to share our expertise while formulating campaign plans, thereby maximizing efficiencies and netting more consistent success, as well as in downstream lead distribution, lead follow-up, and in supporting sales channels.

John Frantz, Frantz Group’s President, states, “What makes our accomplishment extraordinary is that we met our client’s assigned lead goals month-over-month, for 24 months, in what almost anyone would describe as the toughest economic period of our lifetime.”

John elaborates: “We’ve had continuous support and input from our client and have set-up a comprehensive training system to educate our Lead Development Reps (LDR) so they are able to perform at a high level early-on.

“The services FG provides to this client include: lead generation and lead management, data discovery and cleanse, data sourcing, banner ads and multiple email blasts per week. We’re deeply embedded into this client’s marketing efforts.

“Through continuous reporting and open communication, we’ve been able to make updates and changes to our messaging approach and campaign structures to deal profitably with the changing industry/economic environment. The FG LDRs supporting this client work as a team, all day/every day, to review trends, messaging and processes in order to meet and exceed client expectations.”

Frantz Group is very proud of the work these LDRs, and all of us at Frantz Group, produce for our customers. Recent history reflects tough times in our world, and we treasure our employees and our customers and thank them for their confidence and trust. Frantz Group will, absolutely and unfailingly, stand behind all of you.