Appointment Setting

This is the process of B2B lead generation coupled with the additional task of actually arranging a time and place for a meeting / conference call between a prospect and the appropriate sales resource.

Sales is both a game of strategy and a game of numbers. The more quality meetings a sales representative has with qualified prospects, the greater the odds of closing a sale; however, busy schedules often make it difficult to reach and engage with prospects – even interested, qualified prospects. Frantz Group qualified appointments are based on a meaningful reason to meet, with identified business pain and the goal of establishing a solid solution fit, not just a free lunch.

Going beyond our technology and consulting lead qualification services, Frantz Group can help expedite these meetings by setting actual appointments for our clients’ sales representatives. Depending on the complexity of the solution interest, we can include a warm introduction and handoff during this time. As our representatives participate in your active sales calls, our capabilities around enabling high performing leads will only grow stronger.

Our goal is to ensure that your B2B appointments and leads have an optimal conversion rate to your funnel, driving more revenue for your organization. If additional touches are deemed necessary to keep a prospect warm between their initial interest and the first appointment, Frantz Group resources will add additional touch points to the process to ensure an optimal attendance rate for these appointments.