Lead Nurturing

Frantz Group utilizes lead nurture programs that optimize customer behaviors, interests, and preferences to create an optimal sequence of touches. By using lead nurturing programs that incorporate behavioral scoring across web visits, tracked email blasts, telemarketing results, buyer personas and industry demographic knowledge, we can fine tune nurture campaigns to support an ideal relationship, feeding a buyers’ curiosity, nurturing demand to the point of a true MQL or sale. Ideal nurture programs will include compelling content pieces, centered on white papers and testimonials that showcase how a solution drives results and ROI. Phone and chat based conversations help uncover buying process information that isn’t readily provided on web forms, including decision making process, timeline, budgetary process, and specific and ongoing needs for the buyer organization. As these tactics work together, nurture tracks are tuned and optimized, so your suspects aren’t faced with a one size fits all approach that leaves them feeling cold towards your organization.

Qualified leads identified during a lead generation program are typically routed directly to sales. Along with qualified leads, however, these programs also yield a pool of “suspects.” Suspects are individuals who have expressed interest/need but do not meet our BANT requirements. Suspects require further qualification, sometimes multiple conversations over many months before they can be passed to sales. Frantz Group helps our clients develop structured nurture programs, combining a variety of marketing tactics, in order to nurture semi-qualified prospects into fully qualified leads.

‘Nurture’ is a broad term; tactics employed can range from something as simple as a few phone touches to a more complex ‘drip campaign’ for example, involving a planned sequence of touches: a call, a whitepaper ‘push,’ an invitation to a webinar. A more complex campaign might involve behavior-based tactics employing ‘if / then’ directives and multiple layers to achieve selective results. Strategies and tactics are unique to each customer’s challenges, but the desired outcome is always the same: more fully qualified leads, and a more solid relationship upon which to win a new customer.