Marketing Foundation

For most technology companies, target markets are vast and marketing resources are limited. Behavioral marketing has rapidly become essential to ensuring success in your marketing endeavors.

In order to make wise decisions about the allocation of marketing dollars and resources, our clients need a complete picture of their available market, which segments are most attractive, and the right intelligence about which accounts to target. Analytics of inbound traffic and scoring key interactions give valuable insight on how your products and services are currently being seen in the market.

Frantz Group brings our clients the critical, practiced expertise and technical capability necessary to understand clients’ market situations and their potential.

Frantz Group has the tools and the experience to help you build a strong behavioral marketing foundation through:

With effective strategies to perform outbound marketing to the right targets, as well as tying buyer behaviors together within our programs, we help our clients drive effective marketing results, while also expanding their reach.

Frantz Group is well versed with a variety of technical platforms and data acquisition techniques. This allows us to blend services and find the most effective approach for your organization. Already have a particular solution in place? That’s great, we can help you drive better results from your marketing platform and prospect database. We want to help ensure your spend on marketing foundation programs is properly credited throughout the MQL and Sales process, to ensure your spend is credited for the revenue it brings in. Our ability to provide full circle tracking within a variety of systems makes this concept a reality.

Without the right foundation in place, your marketing results can prove to be unpredictable. Frantz Group is happy to assist you with these important processes, to help drive better results in your marketing programs.