Data Augmentation, Standardization and De-duplication

Data Aquisition and Augmentation

Data is the foundation of any marketing program, if you have cracks in the foundation you run the risk of the walls caving in. You don’t want your marketing programs to crumble, do you?

You need to invest the time and energy to get your data in order. Frantz Group can help.

Data augmentation: Frantz Group helps our customers append any missing address, phone, and demographic information (vertical, revenue, employee, etc.) to their existing marketing data. We also provide them with insight into how much of their defined target market is represented within their existing database so that they can make an informed decision about whether to purchase additional enterprise and contact data – to ensure they understand their complete market situation.

Standardization: We help our customers standardize their marketing data to aid in de-duplication and matching efforts. This includes punctuation cleansing of all major data fields, standardization of address, city, state, zip, country, and phone fields, elimination of “trash” field values and record content, and management of proper formatting of address and name field content.

De-duplication: Most databases are the result of merging data from multiple sources, so duplicate records are simply unavoidable. These duplicate records create waste at many levels across an enterprise. They waste valuable sales and marketing efforts. They also undermine one of the basic premises of CRM – a single view of the customer. Leveraging our proprietary database management tools, we eliminate duplicate records – merging contacts onto their respective enterprise records, and eliminating/merging redundant entries.

Let’s build a solid foundation together.