There isn’t a money tree, unfortunately. But we can help you branch out to improve your depth and breadth, through not only demand generation, but conversion to won revenue through our sales services.

In early 2001, Frantz Group added the service of telesales to solve a client problem. As a result of that one project, we developed telesales processes and procedures that enabled us to sell over $125M in technology to franchisees for that client.

As a result of that success, we expanded our telesales offerings to other technology firms. Telesales has proven to be most successful when the necessity to meet face to face is minimal; when the complexity of the products/service is minimal, the technology is mandated or being rolled out and/or when the expenditure is low.

Frantz Group’s one-on-one service that pairs inside sales specialists with one or more outside sales executives creates a more effective and lower cost sales team. Frantz Group can generate the lead, develop necessary contract/paperwork, and nurture to the point of signature and hand off to our clients.

Our processes have proven to be very helpful in driving deals through the funnel toward revenue.
After many successes in telesales, we expanded our services to include after-market sales such as service contract renewals, implementation coordination and sales support.

Frantz Group can help you convert pipeline through our services of:
Inside sales
Service contract renewal
Implementation scheduling
Sales support