Service Contract Renewal

Keeping customers current on service contract renewals and support or maintenance agreements is a critical aspect of customer retention for our technology customers. Likewise, finding strategies to reactivate support agreements with dormant customers is a central first step in re-engaging the account.

Both topics require diligence and focused communication.

Frantz Group helps our customers plan and execute effective marketing and sales programs to promote, qualify, and sell service contract agreements and renewals. Our marketing data foundation can help integrate information from your financial systems about expiring contracts with your normalized marketing data set. We want to make sure your renewal communications get targeted at the right decision makers, rather than a contact named ACCOUNTS PAYABLE as is frequently seen in some back office databases. Our Marketing Automation services can allow for nurture based programs to drive customers to renew, scheduling human touch points close to the renewal date. Integrated marketing statistics including clicks and opens are available for these efforts.

Whether you’re trying to keep renewals on target or attempting to bring lapsed customers back into the fold with a mix of support and upgrade offerings, our approach allows for a strong messaging matrix that drives effective outcomes with your program. With thousands of total customers and hundreds of maintenance contracts expiring in any given year, companies find it difficult to keep up, and discovering exactly why an agreement has lapsed and what the path to its renewal might be, is not necessarily a simple job. An effective Frantz Group maintenance renewal campaign can provide the experience and expertise to fill that gap.