Frantz Group is proud to have been selected as a judge in the 2023 Wisconsin Innovation Awards Program.

The Wisconsin Innovation Awards (WIA) seek to celebrate and inspire innovation. The WIA highlights and honors the development of groundbreaking and innovative ideas.

 After 30 years of helping our customers grow through various forms of innovation, we remain inspired to get up every morning driving the research and innovative strategic thinking on how to get there.

Happily, Wisconsin received 273 nominations before the May 31 deadline.

The 2023 Wisconsin Innovation Awards will be held on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. The event will be held in Madison, WI.

 Why is Frantz Group involved in WIA?

Because we see disruptive innovation as the process by which smaller companies with fewer resources challenge established or incumbent business.

With the right skills, you can harness the power of disruptive innovation to make waves in your market.

We can equip you with the tools, frameworks, and intuition to develop executive-level strategy and organize for innovation.

Is there a disruptive innovation opportunity on the horizon that has your attention?

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We will meet with you for 30 minutes without contract or cost.

Frantz Group is a 30-year-old fractional chief revenue officer consultancy boutique firm.

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