There are a lot of marketing tools available in-market today. One of the biggest challenges we see with clients is they struggle to combine disparate marketing tools so they can effectively see ROI and manage the results of integrated marketing programs. This leads to a lot of inconsistency in effort and results across marketing activities.

While we are always happy to provide support for clients on their marketing platform of choice, we have partnered with the SharpSpring platform to provide a strong option for clients who are struggling to integrate their marketing efforts effectively (and haven’t gotten into a long term contract with another marketing automation provider.)

Why SharpSpring?

We selected the SharpSpring Marketing Automation platform for a few key reasons.  Our clients engage us to craft better value-centric messaging and marketing strategies for the specific purpose of building pipeline, not getting bogged down in expensive and time-consuming tool deployments. SharpSpring enables us to keep the focus on the program, while providing robust reporting and tactical capability without a lot of time lost.

  1. Force Multiplier – With robust email automation capabilities, we’re able to automate initial email touch points to drive or extend dialog. Tradeshow followup is completed using the voice of the rep, event promotions can be highly personalized, and traditional email campaigns can include multiple steps based on actions taken by the recipient. Your reps lose valuable time preparing for and attending tradeshows. When they return, they have a new list of contacts to chase in addition to those they have been working. With the right nurture campaign, your rep can be following up with those new prospects in a timely fashion. Extending the reach of Inside Sales and Telemarketing resources is incredibly cost-effective and enables them to focus on driving deals further through your pipeline.
  2. Flexibility – Frantz Group is able to deliver robust functionality quickly, without forcing clients to commit to long term agreements and high onboarding fees.  We manage the relationship with SharpSpring, we give you a few simple steps to deploy functionality to your website(s), or, optionally, can perform those steps for you.  No hassle required.
  3. Ease of Reporting – Visitor identification, lead scoring, web traffic, email metrics, social listening, social scheduling, and pipeline reporting are integrated in a single platform.  Campaign intelligence is much easier to obtain within a platform that is actively managing all of these components, and less manual work is required to assess the performance of a campaign. Managing to more than one brand?  No worries, stats, forms, and tracking is available across all of your properties, shown in aggregate, or broken out by site.

As both a newer and proven player in the marketing automation space (established 2014), clients get the advantage of a modern, strong and stable platform that is designed for quick deployment without involving lots of technology resources. With proven marketing stack integrations, we allow customers to reach their goals while spending less money on a complex network of tools. This saves on overhead and allows our clients to drive more leads from the same spend, improving marketing ROI and effectiveness.

Many customers we engage with are looking for cost effective ways to get started in their cohesive marketing efforts without having to overspend on lots of different tools that don’t integrate well with each other.  SharpSpring provides the core integrated functionality across web reporting, email, ads, social, lead scoring and visitor identification, and easily extends into specific niche solutions that customers may need. With specific email integration and DKIM functionality, you can help ensure more of your B2B emails are delivered to the Focused side of the Outlook inbox, driving better visibility and engagement for your campaigns.

big marketing stack complexity and cost


This platform, with a properly implemented messaging and marketing strategy, helps drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimize your funnel and related sales processes.

Want to learn more?  Contact us today for an overview.