2019 Marketing Plan – taking control of growth

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2019 Marketing Plan – taking control of growth

2019 Marketing Plan – Take control of marketing and business growth

Taking control of 2019 GrowthAs the complexity of marketing tactics has increased, control of success and outcomes can feel like it is outside of your grasp. As you look toward 2019, we invite you to consider our Marketing Growth Initiative to help establish your foundation for success this coming year.

We bring an emphasis on developing a value proposition and supporting offers that help your solutions stand out in the marketplace. Our clients develop a better foundation for both inbound and outbound tactics. These strategies provide strong concept layering and enable your marketing team to be more successful across their chosen tactics.

With the right sales process tie-ins, participants in our MGI see better engagement and quicker close times through the sales funnel.

Improving the message

Frantz Group has deep technology understanding and expertise. Our focus on technology solutions and markets uniquely positions us to help you tell your story in a concise and compelling manner.  Based on value research of your solution, market, and competition, we set a course to make sure your solution value proposition is told in a compelling way that appeals to both technical buyers *and* economic buyers and influences.  Striking the right balance within content is a place we see many organizations struggling and our MGI approach is specifically geared to overcome that struggle.

Overcoming marketing complexity

It’s never been easier to jump into a new application and try out a new tactic within your marketing efforts.  The challenge is, are you able to effectively measure your results across your tactics?  Do you have a strong understanding of the impact of each action taken?

Within the MGI, we take a look at your existing approaches, and help your team refine tactics to become more efficient and effective with each step they take. Messaging and content strategy are layered to support a variety of tactics, email, SEO, social, live events, webinar events, tradeshow followup and more.  Our expertise across these tactics can help your team get precious hours back in the day, while at the same time, improve reporting and analytics so it’s easier for your organization to measure the effectiveness of their marketing spend. This same concept makes applying for and receiving MDF funds from partners much easier to drive your programs forward in 2019. With improved digital and SEO positioning at the center driving better visibility for your message, all of your other tactics stand to benefit.

Alignment with Sales

Aligning with sales is essential to improve the buyers’ experience and journey. Ensuring key marketing themes, messages and offers are well represented within your sales materials helps drive that continuity. Case studies that appropriately reinforce value centric messages are critical to that process. Frantz Group works with your team to drive better value-centric stories that fit better in the sales process to overcome objections and drive faster closes of new opportunities.  For clients that rely on their sales teams to help generate some of their own leads, our messaging matrix helps guide that sales or OTM led conversation to a strong outcome, with leads that are well positioned and ready to engage.


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