In our previous LinkedIn articles, we have shared the compelling revenue driving benefits and complete process of Business Value Selling.

Going forward, our intent is to address each step for you, with the goal of educating our readers on what purpose each step has, how it is performed and how the puzzle pieces fit together.

The prior posts have incorporated the BVS Enablement Process Overview figure below.    We will map each future article to the steps identified.

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STEP 1 – Executive Alignment

BVS is successful when the BVS concept is in alignment with the company’s executive team.

 We need to understand the company’s current and future plans regarding:

·       sales strategy, more customer focused or more self-serve

·       value position for the products sold

·       success objectives for the company and the installed base

·       account focus:  installed base, transactional, major accounts program, territory size

·       competition

·       current sales performance and expectations

 From these executive discussions a roadmap of the events and timeline for the BVS enablement process is developed and presented back to the executive team.

Moving to BVS selling is an adaptive type of change management rather than a bone jarring transformational change management. BVS builds on sales skills by adding new questioning and listening techniques to uncover the different levels of value a product came bring a prospect.

The Frantz Group BVS model is built with the focus on effective change management. BVS skills are an extension, not a radical change, to the techniques a good sales persona uses. The goal of the BVS enablement process is to make the learned BVS adaptive skills, part of sales persons memory reflex when selling. The process incorporates BVS practice on select opportunities from each salesperson funnel, follow-up meetings, and real-time mentorship.

Next Action For You

The Franz Group welcomes a deeper discussion on your sales challenges. We can help you visualize how The Frantz Group and Business Value Selling will help you make 2023 the best year ever.

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