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Frantz Group has helped many organizations with their marketing planning and strategy. A situation we frequently encounter is that revenue goals are being set within the organization, but the marketing plan is not properly aligned to achieve those goals. This can happen for any number of reasons, budget constraints, trying new campaign ideas with limited experience in predicting results, or even a lack of a good process to bring these two concepts, planning and execution, together.

Our Marketing Assessment & Recommendation service seeks to break through some of the traditional barriers to planning for proper execution and results. We work with your teams to outline objectives, opportunities, and threats, and then align those with your current marketing plan to help identify the key gaps that may exist. We then work with your marketing team to build an acceptable plan to bridge those gaps. The assessment covers all areas of your marketing efforts, including both inbound marketing and outbound tactics.

Why is this exercise important? Because if you’ve got an increased goal, it will usually take more effort to reach it. In order to secure additional funding for those efforts, a well designed marketing strategy is required, with solid, predictive outcomes available so owners and finance teams see a clear picture of what your marketing efforts are striving for.

Think you’ve got your main plan aligned with your goals, but not sure if your inbound capabilities are ready to assist? We offer an Inbound Marketing Assessment that looks to improve your inbound marketing foundation. This process includes a site audit, as well as evaluating how you’re using marketing analytics, behavioral marketing and scoring, campaign tracking (including search & email), and overall search engine optimization (SEO) performance.

We provide a robust listing of custom recommendations on how to improve each of these areas of your inbound and website marketing efforts, as well as strategies to align your efforts across multiple tactics as the year goes forward. Aligning your inbound marketing strategy with your outbound demand generation efforts is the optimal path to success within both areas of marketing execution.

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