Want a better finish to the year? Build a better bridge to the economic buyer with your outbound marketing campaigns

bridge to the economic buyer with B2B marketing campaignsAs my clients battle for their share of growth in 2016, the fray is fierce, the effort boundless…  The stakes are high..  because the opportunities are towering… and we all know business gained now wields serious impact on the  future… so we scrum like rugby players and cantilever our most precious resources of time and budget in a mad rush towards 12/31/16…

But, what is the game winning plan?  How do we win more often and faster at this critical moment, the beginning of the second half.

No doubt there are infinite strategies you can employ..  fullback up the middle?   Or maybe, Hail Mary Pass…

Well, let’s set the Hail Mary Pass aside for the moment and concentrate on a strategy with very high and very reliable odds of victory.

The smart play now is to figure out how to kick start dialog with the person who signs the contract, who ultimately authorizes payment of the bill, the Economic Buyer, to shorten the sell cycle to close.

Let’s build a better bridge to the Economic Buyer and their needs, and earn the higher close ratios, shorter sell cycles and improved cash flow that results.

Let’s do it now.   Let’s do it Right.


First, let’s think deeply about who the economic buyer is.

At his/her essence, the economic buyer is the person who has a track record for  being able to forecast future business conditions and make sure their company profits from it.

Because they have shown they can do that, they are rewarded with high titles and high salaries.   Good for them.

But, keep in mind, for Economic Buyers to keep their high title and high salary, they have to regularly perform their forecast and profit magic.

Or someone else gets their job.

And believe me, they want that job…  like they need the sun after rain..  like they need a cold beer after a long run…  they need that job.

So, what do they require constantly that we can provide to help them keep it?

Knowledge.   They need knowledge they don’t have.

By definition, Economic Buyers end up being responsible for a lot of revenue and a wide range of stuff that gets it in.  So, over time they become a mile wide and an inch deep.    This is their biggest risk, their biggest point of vulnerability.

They constantly need new knowledge that will make a positive contribution to their predictive capability and the way they do business.

They need to be the visible sponsor of new ideas that work.

Helping the Economic Buyer

So, lets help the Economic Buyer in a way that helps us.  Lets bring them a way to improve their business..  lets deliver them an “offer” to do that.

To begin, lets work to build a “Right Offer” for the Economic Buyers in your target market.

Build a “Right Offer” service only you can provide, which is built on insight you have or can build with some research, that will grow his/her bottom line, that you have previously delivered successfully.

How do we do that?  We reflect on your company’s historical “Home Runs”.  Find those customers and circumstances where your contribution changed their bottom lines.

Step back and figure out how to say it, to say what value you deliver.   Get it out where people can see it.   Realize simply providing a menu

of the services you deliver on your website merely positions you in a “Sea of Sameness” with your competitors, it does not create a differentiated position for you that matters to your prospects.

Making it happen

That is not all you have to do to get to the Economic buyer this quarter, but it is without a doubt, the first step in the right direction, a direction towards a better finish to 2016 and a better start to 2017.

If you could use some help visualizing what “Right Offer” would work for your company in your target market of choice, review our Right Offer Workshop.

Whether you build a better bridge to your Economic Buyers with our help or not, we recommend you do it.   Do it first.   Do it before you do anything else.

Because it works.

Best Regards,