Driving revenue success for JD Edwards

Frantz Group has long experience providing demand generation services for ERP Providers and their channel partners. Today, we’ll highlight one such success story that helped provide a really strong foundation for our approach to ERP marketing over the years. Obviously, tactics and approaches have varied and modernized with the times, but a lot of those core fundamentals around targeted messaging, market segmentation, and effective data management are quite active with programs we’re running for successful channel organizations today.

ERP Lead Generation Success

Telemarketing is at the tail-end of everything we do. We do online; we do print; we do direct mail; we do events; and we do straight telemarketing campaigns. And at the end of everything, everyone that expresses interest is qualified through a telemarketing conversation. That’s where we can really gauge whether there’s an actionable opportunity or not.

That fundamental concept is so very true, even today. While messaging and tactics have gained sophistication over the years and print has largely shifted to digital, our clients still recognize that a human touch is necessary for effective marketing efforts in a complex sales process.

What is required for a human touch to be effective? Our results have shown that well trained representatives that have both product and industry expertise are most effective at helping to nurture the developing lead relationship. People with both written and verbal communication skills that are comfortable talking, as well as sending specific email communication and covering click-to-chat services for inbound inquiries.

We know that effective inbound marketing efforts are the key to giving your organization better visibility before a prospect initiates a conversation. But time and time again, we’ve seen much better results from lead generation programs where an organization is utilizing targeted outbound tactics like teleprospecting and email to help drive more inbound interest. The concept of leaving a voicemail that triggers a memory of an email subject line, that triggers a prospect to run a search for either your business name or a particular phrase that your business happens to rank well for is the perfect embodiment of Integrated Marketing in today’s environment.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our quick look back at the simple concept of: “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.