All day, every day Frantz Group clients are pursuing growth for their firms with our help.

We know the only way that growth can happen is if we get prospect dialog kick started and then continue with one to one, high value two way communication. The problem B2B marketers are facing is, the more emails and text we throw at people, the less they read and understand and respond to us.

Who can blame them?

A human touch overcomes a sea of email in marketing campaignsToday over 215 billion emails are sent each and every day from both business and residential users of email, and this number is expected to grow 4% a year for the next three years. (citation: The Radicati Group, Inc – Email Statistics Report, 2016-2020)

Besides the overwhelming volume of emails, what else are marketers facing?

Well, after some research we found studies showing that exclusive use of text is only 7% effective.   (This is where content writers freak out.) Wait …. What?    Why?

It turns out human beings derive only 7% of a message by the words we use, we  understand 38% through intonation, and 55% from body language.
Words Used 7%
Intonation 38%
Body Language 55%

We have noticed that this human response to text coincides with our real live campaign experiences in play.    We find that a strategy that focuses solely on email or text campaigns to generate leads will under-produce and will not contribute significantly to growth.  The emails are ignored, misunderstood, or filtered into spam folders.

Frantz Group sees best results from a proven cadence of mixed media touch points that help your market differentiated offer get noticed.   A Right Offer driven approach provides the target with something compelling to consider and makes our clients stand out.

We find that a great way to make our emails stand out is to pick up the phone.

We suggest that when the telemarketing team contacts a prospect, they deliver  detailed complex information, and questions are asked and answered in a way that is arguably more than 38% more effective than a long exchange of many emails.  A rapport can be built, a relationship established, and possibly, a future close on a sale started.

The Frantz Group has made over 35 million calls over 23 years and we are very familiar with the importance of intonation and the human element that is present during a conversation.

With technology lead generation calling and an offer driven integrated campaign born from our Right Offer Workshop, including emails, remarketing, and digital marketing strategy, results will keep your sales team focused on winning deals.