Marketing with Outdated Research?

Outdated Marketing Research Leaves B2B Organizations Unprepared to Succeed

B2B companies have always seen revenue growth as the means of growing business valuation, which is the primary responsibility of every CEO. Leadership in these organizations labor tirelessly over marketing strategy to make that happen. The problem is, often when smart people responsible for building these strategies scour the horizon for answers to market direction, they find mostly out of date and imperfectly matched research to work with. Can out of date information drive you to the wrong conclusions, causing you to miss market opportunities and waste precious time and money? No doubt.

Out of date research is as common as the picture Frantz Group’s CFO, Huayan Wang, is pointing out.

It shows a clearly out of date sign post commonly left in place around Milwaukee’s waterfront until almost summer every year, warning us about the danger of thin ice as geese swim calmly by. We should not be mistakenly planning around the danger of thin ice when it is time to dive in and swim to more market share!

At Frantz Group we have Fortune 500 clients to small Tech firms who wisely invest in their own market research. Why? Because it gives them answers to the most precise critical market questions they have.. on demand, in the timeframe they plan to get in market. Often our clients chose to use Frantz Group for this research because they realize a completed well-crafted survey has at least four smart money payoffs that we can leverage.

  • First, survey research itself ensures your market entry campaign messaging is current, correct and compelling. Without fresh and vibrant messaging you are marketing with tired old topics that even if they are true.. nobody cares.. which means nobody cares about you. Without a compelling point of view, you may as well not spend the money to be in market.
  • Another plus is the survey following content pieces you have to post now, are uniquely yours. Your prospects are reading your content because they can’t find it anywhere else, which makes you pretty special. If you are shorthanded in writers at this moment, Frantz can help with the heavy lifting of content development.
  • A third upside is that when you have a well-crafted survey that is completed, you know how your prospect answered the survey questions. So you, or a Frantz Group caller, can perform lead generation or nurturing forearmed with critical account specific circumstantial information… making opportunity development progress much more likely.
  • Finally and perhaps most strategically, doing a survey elevates your brand. Organizations who take the time to survey and report back to the people who complete the survey on the outcomes automatically become high value knowledge based organizations who companies prefer to do business with.

However, you may be wondering if successfully completing market surveys is really possible for your organization? FYI, Frantz Group just completed a survey project which was a joint venture between a large hardware firm and an ERP company. Over three months, our research team ran our process in a data base of 1293 companies. It yielded 152 completed twenty question surveys, 11.7 percent completion.

You may also be wondering if Frantz Group only suggests market research to get business but does not do surveys for itself?

The answer is, for FG, original survey work is part of our DNA.. We have historically run a marketing survey every year and this year we have added a “Tech Top Exec” survey that is focused on growth planning.

Want your growth marketing strategy to be rooted in reality? Want to be first to market with brilliant observations prospects can get nowhere else? Want to enjoy steady growth? Budget for original research and improve your ROI on all your marketing investments.

Best Regards,