From our experience, we find roughly 25% of CEO’s-Top Executives are generally pleased with the performance of Marketing and Sales results within their companies.

As a group we find these CEO’s are typically the ones who’s demands/responsibilities allow them the time to be very involved in these areas.   They have had education, have worked in these areas and are naturally skilled communicators.   Often these individuals volunteer for and are spotlighted in company videos and regularly do public speaking.

We find generally 75% of these CEO – Top leaders are very definitely not satisfied with their companies results…  they are highly frustrated.

Frustrated CEOs - Marketing and Sales Results

In this group, we find most of these top Executives are not able to give marketing or general sales topics much of their time.  Most of them are technical visionaries, and technical geniuses…  less familiar with marketing and not getting the strategic marketing support they need.

They often have companies that have grown fast early, based on pre existing network contacts and high professional trust… Often a high level of frustration comes next from the fact that over time these firms frequently see growth slow or stop or reverse, and the CEO does not have a clear and specific explanation of why or how to turn it around.

Over time, early real investments in marketing often result in a bad experience or many bad experiences in a row.  In the search for a solution, as a group CEO’s find themselves presented with an exhausting litany of siloed tactical solutions offered by many different organizations and employees.

At this point some leaders admit they really don’t know where to begin.

To answer the question of what is slowing your marketing results down you must wade through at least 100 questions.

It takes time, skills and experience to do it, and it has to be done for each target market/target solution combination.

The reason why many marketing efforts do not yield results desired is because the integrated direct marketing process has not been followed and short, random tactics almost always yield very little revenue in the end.

What is the solution?

Just what most top executives don’t want to hear.  Take time to assess the complex setting, the constraints, and take time to fix them.

At Frantz Group, over our past 26 years in technology marketing and sales, serving Fortune 50 to start ups, we have developed wholistic assessment tools and best practice recommendations.

We can help you figure out what’s broken and must be repaired across a broad spectrum of mission critical areas.   Once we have done that, working with your existing team, we can teach your team what to do or do some of it for you, or all of it.

We can share the theory and real life examples of turn around work in core businesses or acquisitions.  We can stay involved and oversee the actions to keep them in line.

Looking forward to a live exchange with you to talk about your growth.