Sales & Marketing Orchestra Leader

Orchestrating Sales and Marketing to Promote Technology to The Senior Living Market 

Over the past four years, Frantz Group has developed a strong and successful practice working with technology firms who service the Senior Living, Post-Acute Care sector. 

We see boomer populations reaching age 65, the senior population is projected to reach 83.7 million – almost double the estimated number in 2012 and approximately 20% of the total US population.  Our clients see a great opportunity, as tech providers, to sell their solutions to LTPAC companies and grow revenue and market share.  

The challenge is, collectively I would describe our customers in this business as frantically trying to evolve their products and services quickly to meet senior living regulations, rapidly evolving technologies, ever escalating security challenges and declining resident funding in the sale of their products. This work eats up an enormous portion of owner energy, creating product viability. 

With that product development diversion, often marketing and sales planning tasks fall to resources unfamiliar with the holistically complex world today.    

CEOs tell us they are often frustrated with the slow and inadequate impact of marketing, and unreliable results of the sales forecasting and deal closing process. While these are not easy problems to fix, they are certainly solvable problems.  They require the identification of what processes are not working and correcting them. They typically require a slice of more seasoned sales and marketing resources who can bring correct processes to the table and educate on how to perform them. 

At Frantz Group, over our 26 years, we have developed repeatable and dependable processes to assess both marketing and sales mechanics. With these processes we can see key constraints and missing linkages between these two revenue critical functions. Results of these processes lead to plans that are properly resourced and sequenced to drive improved outcomes and visibility of direction for medium and toplevel executives. 

To us, we find it useful to point out the similarity between getting sales and marketing to work well together to drive revenue and getting an orchestra to work well together to make beautiful music. 

  • A great orchestra needs music to follow, like a company needs a plan. 
  • It needs holistic leadership, to know when to play in sequence at the right time. 
  • It needs great instruments like a company needs great processes and tools. 
  • And, the players need education, to know how to play their part. 

Eliminate any of these and the music isn’t really music, it is noise. 

Let us help you hit some high notes! Contact us today  or read on to see how the marketing magic comes together.