Email Marketing

Email marketing is an attractive medium for technology marketers, in large part due to its rapid reach and cost effectiveness.

However, there are many complexities that must be taken into account when designing and distributing email solicitations. The days of simply sending emails and expecting them to be received and read, are over. Responsive designs, a balance between images and text, & the right calls to action are all important. More and more users are seeing their first glimpse of your message on a mobile device. Have you built your message in an appealing way that will cause them to react either on the device, or when they return to their desk?

Frantz Group believes in building effective messaging for a variety of screen sizes and we render-test our messages on a wide variety of email platforms before we deliver. Our testing expands to popular commercial spam filters as well, to help ensure your messages get seen. A/B testing is a great technique used to optimize the subject line of a message. The concept is simple, send 2 (or more!) messages with unique subjects to about 10% of your audience. The best performing subject line gets delivered to the remainder of your audience.

Ensuring that your messaging is actually getting to your target audience is an incredibly important component of B2B email marketing. In fact, we’ve got a write up on how to improve B2B Email Delivery, that helps discuss some of the important aspects, from email service selection, to list hygiene, and on through target segmentation.

Timing is another discussion point in email delivery. Frantz Group utilizes Send Time Optimization (STO) to help improve the reach rate of messages. What is STO? Our systems track prior interactions with messages that have been sent in the past. Based on those interactions, an optimal send time is estimated by the system and the message gets delivered to that prospect at the ideal time.

Businesses have their spam filters set on high, and prospects spend no more than a few seconds deciding whether to open and read an email. Frantz Group has the knowledge and skill to address those challenges with highly effective marketing automation solutions that drive results. We are practiced at building effective email marketing campaigns that analyze and maximize open rates, click-throughs, responses, and qualified leads.