Event Boosting

Do your events need a boost? Face-to-face and web events remain a significant percent of the marketing mix for Frantz Group clients. The ability to get your best and brightest in front of real prospects is a very effective method for boosting mindshare with your prospect audience.

Whether it be in person or an online event, these events always see a drop off in registrants vs actual attendees. Driving attendance to these events is a challenge unique to each event. Topic, target audience, medium, time, location, offer, etc. all have a significant impact on registration and attendance rates. Once they’re at the show, we want them to remember your presence, and visit your presenters to get the most possible out of the program.

Frantz Group provides integrated marketing services to get qualified executives interested and present at our clients’ strategic events. Telemarketing based event boosting is most effective when combined with other communications tactics such as email, video, online ads, SEM, voice broadcasts, directed voice mails and so on. For physical events, direct mail can still be an effective option.

Once the event is over, your marketing program is not. You have business cards, registrants, and attendees. You need to maintain your momentum and capitalize on your captured mindshare with post event follow up and nurturing. Our nurture programs are highly effective at building and growing relationships into full MQL status. Have a follow up event or webinar that will interest people? Our automated nurture tracks will help keep these prospects in the loop about your upcoming plans. Phone based nurturing is still a great way to ensure that prospects are receiving a human touch as their buying plans start to take shape.

Frantz Group will work with you to understand the right marketing mix with timelines associated to meet your goals and give you that boost you are looking for.