Database Management Services

Frantz Group performs a variety of marketing database management services from our corporate headquarters in Wisconsin. Using data on-site within our internal marketing systems, we can quickly provide intelligence and reports to customers as well as deploy online marketing campaigns and monitor their performance. FG has the ability to load and manage to a variety of sources of data without burdening a customers’ sales environment with extraneous data. As campaigns are executed, all pertinent actions of FG professionals are captured in our tracking setup, allowing us to compare performance data to historical programs and provide output in various formats to fit our customers’ needs. This includes tracking results across calling campaigns, direct mail, integrated email results and opt-out tracking, video, and landing page responders. Actionable data can be provided to a customer sales or CRM environment in a variety of formats, at just the right time in the sales process.

In scenarios where customers are marketing to new prospects, in ways they don’t want to overlap with their existing sales efforts, our data services can assist with sourcing your data. We house it in our CRM environment, cultivating the contacts, accounts, and profile data within to the point where it is ready for your team to engage with the prospect. If you’ve got a set of records from within your current CRM that you’d want our demand generation teams to work on, but don’t want the hassle of provisioning more licenses for your CRM, we can work with your data team to ensure keys remain consistent between the two environments. The data we provide back will contain improvements at both the contact and company level, new contacts will be discovered and added to the records, and any custom profile information that you’re looking to uncover about a particular account can be added as well. As leads are generated, lead related data can be added very quickly to your system, while the rest can be neatly uploaded at the end of a campaign.

Our data deduplication services utilize Soundex variables to assist with matching records. This helps combine multiple lists from events, sales reps, business partners, and list providers, into an actionable list of companies and contacts, allowing you to have a very clear view of accounts, and what types of contacts you have available.