Right Offers Gives Meaning to Messaging, Paves 500% Lead Conversion Improvement

Marketing Executives and Business Owners today are often tasked with growing revenue. It can be a long and adventurous journey to get to your destination of growth.

This adventure is exciting as you see more prospects engaging in a dialogue about how they can improve their business using your solutions. Through this process, you realize the true business value of your solution and make important decisions on how to showcase that value to capture revenue.

Making Marketing Strategy & Execution Run Like ClockworkThe challenge is, achieving growth can also be frustrating and complex. It’s a great responsibility that requires strategy, resources, and clockwork precision in how they are coordinated. There is apprehension and fear of making the wrong choices. The desire to avoid mistakes often leads Marketers to get stuck in a rut of maintaining the status quo.

Describing your business how you see it in your own mind can come easily. However, sometimes marketers overlook the perspective of the prospect. In today’s world of increased competition and constant messages, your target audience has “heard it all”. Decision makers are doing more and more of their own research. They may know more about your competition than you do, and they know what value will resonate with them the most.

As a person on the front lines of outbound marketing, I spend my days on the phone talking to prospects. I know firsthand how important planning and strategy are. They can make or break the overall success of the campaign. Since I’ve worked here, Frantz Group has invested resources into changing the way we ramp up a B2B lead generation campaign, to help me have all the tools that I need to be more successful.

Right Offer Messaging Development as part of lead generation program ramp-up helped me:

  • Become more involved in the campaign planning and take ownership of the success of the campaign.
  • Be more successful in converting MQLs
  • Develop more knowledge about the most topical industry trends
  • Effectively communicate our clients’ unique business value
  • Differentiate our clients from their competition during a call with a prospect
  • Touch on multiple business pains during one phone conversation, allowing the sales rep to have a more meaningful follow-up conversation
  • Maintain decision makers’ interest throughout the lead nurturing process, leading to more conversions

For example, in one campaign, the effect of using value-centric Right Offers immediately allowed me to be successful. In the month of calling efforts before offers were implemented, I was converting 1% of the decision makers that I spoke with into opportunities. After we implemented the improved messaging, 5% of the prospects I spoke with were converted into opportunities. That’s an improvement of 500%. To put this in perspective, before Right Offer it took me 1265 dials to get and ERP lead. After the implementation of a great right offer, it took me 250 dials to get an ERP lead.


My name is Richard Olson, I’ve been working with the Frantz Group in the Manufacturing and Distribution markets since 2015. Prior to joining TFG I’ve had the experience of working in both industries directly. I’ve spent time working side by side with Operations Managers, Engineering Directors, etc. My experience tells me that at work these people care about the numbers important to their success and not much more. There isn’t much room for excuses and time wasted. We must be tailored, concise, and valuable with our messaging. Good Luck!