Retainer marketing programs – getting past your internal constraints and driving real results

Frantz Group is a B2B growth strategy & marketing agency focused on reaching your sales & marketing objectives using modern demand generation solutions that include a proper blend of inbound and outbound tactics. Retainer marketing allows us to work with our clients to establish monthly budgets that allow for shifting between a variety of outbound & digital marketing tasks. Our retainer based marketing programs can allow for boosting of dollars at key points in the year, while shifting back to a baseline at other points. This level of flexibility between both budget dollars and task independence allows our clients to shift rapidly between tactics to meet their objectives.

In the last several years, your buyers have taken control of their own journey. Prospects are in the market continuously collecting information and recommendations that shape their thinking and buying priorities. As a result, we believe companies must switch from a strict campaign marketing model to a continuous marketing model to deliver on those new expectations. Retainer based marketing services help smooth the transition to this continuous model and enable your team to overcome marketing constraints that so many organizations face.

See how our right offer approach drives real business results

Constraints exist for marketing firms too – avoid getting stuck in a tactic silo

When you hire a specialized firm, their abilities don’t range far beyond their main approach. By providing a strong blend of these digital and outbound capabilities, Frantz Group is able to avoid many of the pitfalls that come from working with firms that are over-specialized into certain services silos.

Making Marketing Strategy & Execution Run Like ClockworkWe work with our clients to create a marketing plan that establishes a marketing calendar, overall goals/outcomes,  and a monthly budget to achieve them. This approach provides the flexibility to shift between a variety of inbound and outbound tactics because it’s based on continual assessment and analysis. Campaigns are still executed, but with better freedom to retool messaging and adjust creative concepts. It also enables boosting or scaling back to maximize results. At the same time, our approach does not lock a client in – there are agreed upon exit points if results are not as expected. There are a lot of ideas about optimal ways to budget for marketing programs, and there are pros and cons to each approach. Running rigid, specific, project budgets can provide some simplicity, but can hit delays and run long, while failing to properly account for the mix of tactics utilized when in-market. Signing long term contracts with hyper-focused specialty firms can leave you feeling locked in at times when ROI is failing and you’d like to use your budget dollars for other activities.

To give a sampling of our retainer approach:

  • We begin with a strategic workshop to help clarify objectives, capabilities, and key marketing constraints. Within the workshop, we help define what campaign objectives, tactics, and messaging will be, as well as define value-centric Right Offers and content asset needs to drive successful engagement.
  • We then help Optimize your website to better support search & organic traffic, improve user interactions, and conversions/registrations is a great early step in any program. Content assets are developed to help round out your web presence and drive thorough engagement, which can include blogs, whitepapers, infographics, surveys, and video.
  • Outbound technology lead generation is essential for creating awareness and driving people to your website and content, along with tactics to expand known email addresses for key accounts and boost attendance at sponsored events, can all supplement and round out a retainer based program.
  • Aligning dollars to Email Campaigns, remarketing campaigns, social campaigns and promoted directory websites as your site improves on its conversion ability is a solid approach to amplify your content and drive further enagement.
  • As identified inbound responders start to flow, we look to establish both automated and human touch nurture campaigns to further qualify and bring a new relationship into your sales cycle.
  • The ongoing evolution of messaging, offers, tactics and campaign audiences helps our clients grow their marketing and sales results.

Best of all, working within this type of set budget allows marketing managers to better anticipate ongoing costs, while knowing they have the tactical flexibility to reach ongoing revenue objectives. For more information about our marketing programs please click the request more information button on the right or give us a call at 800-707-0064.