When I was growing up in my large extended family, we would always have to add card tables to the end of the main dining table to accommodate all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends for holidays, birthdays, and any event where we celebrated by gathering people together.

My parents, John and Kathyrn, insisted that my sister and I prepare a place for everyone.  They set the overarching tone at our house that everyone was special and valued and would be treated with respect.

In many ways, the thinking behind this culture of human value has become the basis for a new dimension of The Frantz Group going forward.

We have begun to build a data base, a network of marketing professionals world wide, so that we can better serve the business growth strategy needs of The Frantz Group clients, while improving the marketing professional work experience.

We are seizing this moment, corresponding with our 24th birthday as an organization, to remind our prospects & customers that we offer marketing professional part and full time placement services.


If you want to stand out, you're going to have to stand up

The background for this decision to highlight this solution is that we have witnessed dramatic change in the best of breed marketing models necessary for success in the world we all live in, and it is time for Frantz Group to adapt to it.

We have seen the explosion of marketing technology today, now exceeding over 5000 applications in the Martech space, driving the range of skills necessary to operate successfully overwhelming for most organizations.

We see the “Gig” economy in marketing accelerating.   Finding marketing professionals needing to manage to multiple projects simultaneously, all while searching for the next “Gig”.

We see more turnover in marketing roles than other business professionals…. Now leading to an average employment term of just over four years.

We believe this adds up to an opportunity for all stakeholders in this reality to come together and get organized for what the world is now, all while being both productive and living a life with stability in it.

The Frantz Group will now play the marketing talent match maker role.  We will continue to provide our foundation services around business growth strategy development and execution.    But now. where our client wants to fill a need they have with a full or part time person, we will offer that as well.

I believe both that this new offering by us will improve the lives of our customers and network players and that Frantz Group is solidly positioned to bring it forward.   In the 24 years Frantz Group has been in business we have employed over 1200 people.   We know how to do this.

Our mission will be to make sure we have a place at the Frantz Group marketing table for both our customers and employees/network players.    Here we go!    Time to order more card tables!

All My Best,