Channel businesses (VARs, Resellers, and Services organizations) face steep challenges when it comes to standing out in the Sea of Sameness.

Channel owning brands want prominent branded themes and syndicated content carried through on their channel partner websites, creating a situation where a lot of sites start to look the same and few can really stand out and be noticed.  The promise of syndicated content sounds good at first; expert content with less writing for the business owner who has many other things on their plate. However, syndicated content, spread across many different channel partner websites, doesn’t rank in Google’s search engine.  The technology channel owner continues to rank well, but the VAR doesn’t stand out and get new visitors.  Frantz Group enables channel partners to embrace value based messaging and drive better results in their marketing efforts.

It is critical that both channel partners and channel owners improve their strategic approach to marketing campaigns to drive further growth.

Navigating the Channels (Sea) of Sameness

Learn to leverage channel content in a way that actually benefits your business

Where VARs have the ability to stand out is when they create unique messaging and content.  Reusing certain assets provided from the channel owner like videos, case studies and whitepapers are a perfectly reasonable initial step in joining a channel and incorporating channel branding into your own brand profile. However, those assets need to be combined with a message that is unique to the VAR to stand a chance of being seen within search engines to draw new traffic through SEO. If you want those new visitors to stick around and convert into actionable leads, then the messaging needs to go beyond features and capabilities, and actually communicate real business value to the visitor. While developing unique content and comprehensive go to market plans can sound daunting at first, Frantz Group has developed a Right Offer Workshop to assist. Going beyond simple content, we focus on helping businesses develop real offers using value based messaging. Right offers help drive engagement and create connections with your visitors for key solutions and micro-verticals, and in the process, shorten your initial sales cycles so your teams can get to work servicing new customers.

We have extensive experience in helping channel VARs with MDF applications, and these programs usually qualify for channel funding.

We’re experts at helping channel businesses grow. Our Right Offer approach enables your company to utilize the right pieces of content from your channel suppliers, while our digital marketing programs help to grow traffic and conversions that actually grow your business. With these steps in place, human-touch, technology lead generation can drive great results for your organization.

If VARs aren’t careful, they will destroy the value of their own unique brand by overusing channel content. Get out of the Sea of Sameness, and make sure your buyers can actually see your unique value to their bottom line.